Advanced Dental Technology – Coronado, CA

Modern Dentistry Deserves Modern Technology

Continuing education is a crucial part of any medical professional’s life. As part of obtaining new education, our dental office needs to incorporate new technology as well. Whether that’s a highly advanced soft tissue dental laser or new scanning devices that allow us to see more, the dentists at Advanced Dentistry are dedicated to making sure you’re receiving the cutting edge in terms of dental care. Below is a list of the many technologies you can expect when you visit.

Intraoral Camera

When you can see exactly what your dentist sees, it can give you the confidence to undergo a treatment you may not have previously believed you needed. Intraoral cameras from Cameea allow dentists to take detailed pictures of your teeth, gums and other oral structures, then display these images on a nearby monitor. Overall, they improve patient-doctor communication and make it easier to prove the necessity of certain treatments, such as dental fillings and crowns.

Digital X-Rays

Not only do digital X-rays make it easier to capture detailed information about your underlying oral structures, but they produce significantly less radiation in the process (about 80 percent less to be more specific.) Furthermore, digital X-rays only take a few minutes to complete, whether you’re receiving a basic bitewing X-ray or a full panoramic X-ray. In minutes, our dentists can point out important aspects of your teeth, develop detailed diagnoses, and create more effective treatment plans.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

In some cases, a two-dimensional X-ray is not enough to confirm everything our dental office needs to know to create a treatment plan. If we need to figure out the best way to place a series of dental implants, for example, a 3D scan from our NewTom CT cone beam scanner can make a big difference. This device allows us to capture a cross-section of your jaw, which provides much more information about the condition of your teeth, oral tissue and jawbone.

Digital Impression System

Getting a dental crown, denture or other restoration made can be annoying when you need to bite into gray putty-like material every time to do so. With the help of our iTero digital impression scanner, we can avoid the need for traditional impression material more often. The handheld device houses a small camera which takes hundreds of photos in rapid succession. These images are used to create a detailed, 3D image of your teeth. It is quick, effective and far more convenient for both the patient and our dentists.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Whether you’re receiving periodontal therapy or a root canal, the use of metal dental instruments and drills can be enough to turn anybody off to necessary treatments. But the soft tissue laser from Biolase changes that completely. Not only does it allow for more precise and conservative treatment overall, but it removes the need for sutures after treatment is complete. This means less healing time is needed during aftercare.