Gum Disease Treatment – Coronado, CA

Advanced Treatments for All Levels of Gum Disease

While gum disease can be devastating for your oral health, that doesn’t mean you have to settle with the side effects for life. Inflamed gums can make it incredibly difficult to consume the foods and beverages you enjoy, especially if they are hot or cold. Even worse, forgoing treatment only increases your risk of tooth loss. Without healthy gums, your teeth won’t have the foundation they need to survive. To get your gums health back in order, give our dental office a call!

Why Choose Advanced Dentistry for Periodontal Therapy?
Advanced Soft Tissue Laser Technology
Chao Pinhole Technique Performed In-House
Antibiotic Therapy to Promote Faster Healing

Scaling & Root Planing

No amount of brushing, flossing, nor standard professional cleaning is enough to stop the effects of gum disease on its own. This is because advanced gum disease is a result of plaque and tartar that has reached below the gum line. Scaling and root planing offer a two-pronged approach to periodontal therapy. Scaling involves breaking down tartar that sits underneath the gum tissue, while root planing smooths out the tooth roots so they can reattach to teeth.

Chao Pinhole Technique

The Chao Pinhole technique is a specific periodontal therapy designed to correct gum recession without the use of scalpels, sutures, or gum grafts. This minimally invasive treatment is ideal for restoring the gum line to normal. However, patients will need to undergo periodontal therapy before beginning treatment. By creating a small hole in your gums, our dentists can place collagen strips inside your gums to stabilize the gum flap. No longer is a painful or extensive gum graft necessary just to repair your gum tissue!

Antibiotic Therapy

As part of your periodontal therapy, Advanced Dentistry may also perform an antibiotic therapy treatment to accelerate the healing process of your gum tissue. After performing part of your periodontal therapy, we’ll prescribe you antibiotics, which you’ll take orally over the next several weeks. Then, you’ll come back to our dental office in a couple of months, allowing us to confirm if the treatment is working as planned or if we need to adjust.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Treatment

Part of performing periodontal therapy is removing infected tissue that poses harm to your teeth and neighboring oral structures. With the help of the Biolase soft tissue laser, we can perform more precise therapy and reduce the amount of healing needed as part of the aftercare process. When performed by a professional, laser dentistry is not only completely safe but far more comfortable to receive. There’s hardly any need to use traditional metal tools for treatment when you have a dental laser!