Safety First! How Your Dentist Is Preparing for Your Visit After COVID-19

There’s no doubt about it—COVID-19 has affected nearly every facet of life. Simple errands have become much more complex, and everyday interactions feel more dangerous. But there’s one routine visit that you don’t have to worry about: seeing the dentist. They have always prioritized patient and staff safety and in light of the COVID-19 crisis have only increased their precautions and protection. Here are just some examples of ways that your dentist in Coronado is putting your health first during the global pandemic.

Daily Health Checks

Before anyone enters the office, whether team member or patient, they need to show no signs of coronavirus infection. That means everyone must have their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer. Prior to your appointment, you may also be asked to rinse with a powerful antimicrobial mouthwash. This reduces the spread of germs, just in case you have the virus already in your system. If you’re wearing gloves, you’ll be asked to remove them to avoid cross contamination.

Strict Cleanliness Standards

Long before the coronavirus became a concern, your dental office maintained a clean environment. To protect staff and patients alike, your dental team wore disposable gloves and masks, but now they’ve taken safety measures to a higher level. Don’t be surprised to see them wearing face shields and N95 masks that act as a barrier between you and the dentist. You’ll also find a hospital-grade hand sanitizing station available for everyone’s use, and the team will sterilize the dental instruments according to CDC requirements.

Because COVID-19 is spread through droplets from person to person, it is important to keep the air as clean as possible. That’s why many dental practices have invested in HEPA filtration systems in each operatory.

Social Distancing

When dental treatment requires close proximity to the dental team, social distancing can seem impossible! But whenever possible your dentist’s office is following the rules of social distancing. Although your dental team would love to greet patients with a hug or handshake like before, you’ll have to settle for as little contact as possible. Appointments are more spaced out to allow for less patient overlap and more time for cleaning operatories between patients.

Instead of sitting in the waiting room surrounded by others, you can check in from the comfort of your car. That way, you have fewer opportunities to become exposed to other patients’ germs. Also, your dental team has removed magazines and other objects from the waiting room, which lowers your risk of contamination.

Although many parts of your life may be disrupted or changed because of COVID-19, your smile doesn’t have to suffer. You can still receive the high quality dental care you’ve always enjoyed without putting your well-being at risk and without feeling added stress.

About the Practice

At Advanced Dentistry, we have implemented many protocols to protect patient health and safety. Mother-and-daughter team, Dr. Suzanne Popp and Dr. Natalie Bailey are now available for routine checkups and cleanings in addition to emergency dental care. They share a deep passion for serving patients and spreading smiles, not germs. If you have questions or concerns about the precautions they are taking, you can contact Advanced Dentistry by clicking here.

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